The 411 on Varnish and Lamination

Varnish and Lamination… It’s like Rust Proof for your car, or

sunscreen for your skin… well you get the picture…

In one of our previous articles we talked about the importance of choosing the right material to correspond with the product being labelled (See “Why Choosing the wrong label stock can sink your business”).  In this article we will examine the different types of varnish and lamination for your labels.  Sound enthralling? Yes, we think so too!  All joking aside, Varnish and Lamination can greatly add to the appearance and the durability of your label.

Meet the Varnish family:

Gloss: This varnish is used when a label needs extra protection. It is scuff resistant, and helps greatly if the label will be handled frequently. Examples are kids stickers, food labels and promotional decals.  It’s look is much more subdued than the Gloss Lamination.

Matte: This varnish is protecting like the gloss, but has a more natural and classic look. It is used for labels such as wine, natural and organic foods, coffee and tea.

Printable: This Varnish can be Gloss or Matte but can also be printed on top of. This is handy when date stamping, and or personalizing. Testing of stamping ink in conjunction with chosen varnish is always recommended first.

Gloss Varnish

Gloss Varnish

Hard to see In the photo, but Gloss varnish has a slight glossiness and sheen.  Compare to the Picture of Gloss Lam below.

Meet the Lamination family:

Gloss: This type of lamination is much shinier than the gloss varnish. It has a premium look. It works well with Vitamin and Nutraceutical labels, Promotional wall decals, and Gourmet foods and preserves.

Matte: This type has the same protection as the gloss, but is more subdue in appearance.

Textured: This is a specialty Lamination that gives a tactile feel to the label. It is also Anti-slip.

Gloss Lamination

Gloss Lamination

Textured Lamination

Textured Lamination

Varnishing or Laminating your label may not only add to the look and feel of your product, it can also help with the life of your label.

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