Why You Need to go Digital


“Friends, Romans and businesses that need labels printed, lend me your ears… I come to convince you that Digital is best, not to look elsewhere”.


Okay, a Shakespeare reference might be a bit dramatic,  but with all the confusion about which print method to use “We thinketh we hath need a forum”… okay I’ll stop now…
Plain and simple, This is our argument as to why your business needs to go Digital… like now.


Good, Better, Best

Wineries, Craft Breweries, Neutraceutical, many companies with the strictest quality labeling standards are now going digital. Resolution is fantastic, colors are vibrant and registration is perfect.

Fast, Faster, Fastest

Digital Print technology is super fast.  A Digital Printer’s usual turnaround is anywhere from five days and under from approved proof.

Plates? Plates Are For Eating

Digital presses require zero plates. That’s right,  no plates required! which is good news when trying to watch your bottom line. No one likes a costly plate.

You Don’t Need A Gazillion Labels You Say?

Digital is great if you have short runs, or multiple skus with different quantities.  Need a mock-up label?  Then Digital is the way to go.  No order is too small when it comes to printing Digitally.


For more info or samples of digitally printed labels and stickers give us a call or email customerservice@digitallabels.ca

You can also request a quote on our website – click “Get a Quote” at the top of the page.

See for yourself what a difference Digital makes!


Fair thee well!




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