Don’t Ignore The Canvas

SUBSTRATE:  A substance or layer that underlies something, or on which some process occurs, in particular.

Blood sweat and tears often go into designing a product label.  Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, It can often mean hours of Lamenting over simple typography or which shade of seventy five red hues work best.  If you have a headache from all the minute details you aren’t alone, but there’s more!  With so many intricacies regarding design, many end up forgetting one important piece of the puzzle; the backdrop that this masterpiece will be printed on.
It’s one more thing to think about when you probably just want the darn thing printed, but with all the exciting choices of digital substrates, factoring in the material can help with the look and overall feel of your product label.
From materials like Chalkboard, glow in the dark, textured,  and even wood…( yes I said wood!) the possibilities are endless.

How do you  fit a wood log into a press Anyhow?

Impossible as it sounds, wood labels are a real thing.  Jim beam, in keeping with their down home feel, used a wood label for their American Stillhouse whisky and the result is amazing. Try and picture that same label printed on plain material and the effect is lost. To view a video highlighting the Jim Beam Label click this: Jim Beam Label …A classic example of how important label material is.

The amazing Jim Beam wood label

The amazing Jim Beam wood label

A great piece of advice given by one of our twitter pals who happens to be in the print industry:  “packaging is the only form of advertising a consumer sees when shopping.”  If a buyer isn’t looking for your product you need to give them every excuse to purchase yours over the others.  Don’t ignore the canvas.  Make your fantastically designed label even more impactful with a  complimentary substrate that adds to the overall experience of your product.

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