File & Art Guidelines


File & Art Guidelines

In order to ensure that the final outcome of your printed labels is as you would expect, it is critical that you create art files that adhere to the guidelines of your chosen print provider.  Here’s a link to Digital Labels Graphic Tolerances for you to reference while creating and checking your art files.



If you are unsure if your files adhere to the stated guidelines, please send them to us for pre-flighting.  Our dedicated Prepress professionals will thoroughly check all the necessary parameters to ensure the best possible outcome.

Here’s a short list of the most common problems with ART files:

Missing images
Low-res images
RGB use instead of CMYK
No Bleed
Fonts not Outlined / Missing Fonts
No die line
No white Layer (for printing on Metal or clear)


Ideally, all fonts should be converted to outlines before submitting for print.  This eliminates errors in file transfer such as font replacement, text alignment, font missing, etc.


Images that have a resolution that is too high lead to bloated files that take longer to transmit or process. For Digital Labels set the maximum resolution to 400 LPI for color or grayscale images and 1200 LPI for 1-bit images.

Please note that Low Res RGB images copied from the internet will result in poor quality print.

Sending Files

To transfer larger files please visit our FTP site by clicking below.


All emails with art files larger 10mb file should be sent using this link or an approved secure FTP (e.g. Drop Box, Google Drive, We Transfer, etc.)


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