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The world is full of choices. What path will you take? What road will you travel? What label material will you choose for your product label?….

(Sigh) It’s difficult to come up with a sexy intro for an article on label material.

In all seriousness, If your company is looking for a product label, think that all material is the same, or haven’t given much thought to it, keep on reading.

Here is a very broad & super quick overview of some of the more common materials we use.

White Bopp: One of the most commonly used materials on the market, WB is versatile & Durable. This material is commonly used in Food & Beverage, Beauty, and the Nutraceutical & Vitamin industries

Silver Bopp: Also known as Metallic Bopp. Add some sparkle and shine to your label. SB is seen everywhere in the Vitamin and supplement market.

Clear Bopp: The name says it all. When you want a clean & simple look, CB is commonly seen in the Natural food & beverage, as well as beauty industry.

Paper: Light weight, and a common material used in every industry.

Wine Stock: Different choices with so many sophisticated textures and features.

Craft: Rustic with a Raw look. This material is frequently found in the candle and soap making industry.

If you have any questions on label materials or about anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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