Why You Need To Stop Being Your Own Printer

We meet so many businesses from across the country, and we are always blown away by just how many continue to print their own labels for their products on a basic home printer.

When asked why, “Cost” and sometimes “Time” is often their answer.
Now we may be biased, but if business owners just knew how easy switching to digital would be, they would swear it’s a life saving miracle… Okay, that’s a tad bit on the dramatic side, but here are the reasons you need to stop being your own printer:man_&_printer


Guess what? Getting your labels printed professionally doesn’t always mean it has to be costly. With the advent of digital presses, commercial printing has never been more affordable. Add up the cost of your printer, your blank labels, and your ink and you actually might be paying more to do it yourself.


Ever notice the difference between a home printed label and a commercially printed label? Of course you have!  And potential customers notice too!  If you want someone to invest in your product and your brand, whether it’s a random customer or the buyer at Whole Foods, you need a professionally printed label on proper label stock.


Only have a few skus? Low inventory numbers? Hooray! Digital specializes in small run.

The last time you checked, you weren’t a label printer. With all the million and one things a small business owner has to do, from being your own production team, sales team, marketing team, R&D, accounting etc. etc. … you really don’t need to add printer to the list.

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