Is Your Product Label “Millennial” Worthy?


 Will your label speak to the Almighty Millennial generation?


While attending DSCOOP (a Conference for digital printers held in Washington D.C.) the theme of almost every seminar  focused on the Power of “Millennials”.

For those who don’t know, the term “Millennial” refers to a group of people ages eighteen to thirty-five.  They are rumored to care little for marriage, have children late in life and are the largest most diverse generation in the U.S.

Most importantly though, Millennials do not know life before the computer.  Technology has been apart of their existence since the day they were born.  One speaker put it best in talking of Millennials:  “They’re either connected or asleep”.

Couple this fact with the Millennial’s strength of buying power in the marketplace and businesses have no choice but to change how they operate.

Big brands are using social media and digital advertising to tap into the ever changing landscape of how to market to Millennial consumers.   So how can we integrate these changes into a product label on store shelves?

Why not think outside of regular  parameters and “Supercharge” your label?

Adding bells and whistles to your product label

NFC Tags- Adding bells and whistles to your product label


Thinking way, way, way outside of the box


Here are just some ideas from DSCOOP on ways to re- envision your label:

1. Adding NFC (Near Field Communication) stickers that can create a digital experience – See a Mcdonald’s case study here:

2.  QR codes that can lead to a “How to” video or product review.

3.  A two ply label that can have a recipe or an instant coupon.

4.  Personalized or Variable Data to tie into social media contests.

We are entering a new and exciting territory of invention, so possibilities are just beginning.

The sooner businesses can let go of the notion that a product label is just a sticky thing with ingredients on it, the better.

The Millennials hold  the power.

Times have changed.

Shouldn’t the way you envision your product label change too?






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