So You Suck At Graphic Design?

Unless you’re gifted in illustrator or photoshop, chances are you will be hiring a professional to do your label design and logo work.
Hiring the right graphic designer however, can be a tough feat. After all the person that you hire will have to encapsulate the look, feel, energy and message of your company in a piece of art.
Now before you run to Google and start searching for a crash course in illustrator, color theory, and the psychology of design (among others) know that hiring a graphic artist doesn’t have to be scary.
Arm yourself with some of our tips on finding a graphic artist that works for you.

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Beauty (And Art) is in the eye of the beholder…

Hiring a “good” graphic designer is subjective to the person doing the hiring. All artists have different visions, and different styles. Take a look at different websites and their portfolios of work. Many artists have their work displayed on the website Behance:   Trust your gut. If  you aren’t feeling an artists style or vision, move on.  You will know within seconds if you like what you see.

Know who you are… Other than not being artsy of course.

Even if you aren’t schooled in art, you know what your company vision is, you know it’s message, you know who your target audience is, you know your mantra and mission statement. Relay that very clearly. Give any information to your artist that will help with the design process. Communicate! Graphic artists are artsy, not mind readers. Be very very clear with your artist.

Don’t be ambiguous about your budget.

Art takes time, and time is money. Good artists are worth the money they charge, but not everyone has bundles of money. Talk to the artist and be very clear about your budget. Art continues to be one of the most misunderstood services. Talk rates, revisions, and anything else you can think of.  When in doubt, communicate with your artist always in order to avoid any big bills at the end of the process.

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