Be YOU-nique With Your Next Campaign

When you print Digitally, you instantly have the ability to create a one of a kind piece. Weather it’s individualized numbering on a wine label, or a client’s name on a promotional sticker, Digital printing allows you to individualize each one. Think back a few years to the Coca Cola “Name” Campaign. Each bottle was different, each name unique, and you were lucky if you could find  yours in the refrigerator. This campaign was printed using a digital printer, and it was hugely successful.

We recently printed wine labels for a client, and each label had a funny and unique saying.  It’s attention grabbing, a bit of a conversation piece, and not one other bottle is duplicated on the shelf.

So, the average company is not Coke with the gazillion dollar marketing budget to go with it, but anyone can do personalized campaigns, large or small.

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Coca Cola's Name Campaign

Coca Cola’s Name Campaign


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