What is Variable Data Printing you ask?… Why it’s a helpful little nugget of Digital magic!

The Gift of Going Digital

There are many incredible feats of Digital Printing Technology (amongst them: Super fast turnarounds, zero plates, vibrant color registration… need we go on?) but one amazing (and underused) capability is something called “Variable Data Printing” or “VDP” if you like acronyms.
Variable Data Printing essentially allows each printed piece to be different from the next. Instead of one message on a thousand labels for instance, companies can have a thousand labels each with it’s own unique message or identity.
Direct marketers have used VDP to connect with their customers for years. Sending printed materials with specific text or graphics to a certain demographic, or having an individual’s name on a piece shows personalization.
VDP technology is what Coca Cola used for it’s successful name campaign, and it was also used to create two million perfectly unique artsy shrink sleeves/ labels for it’s “Stay Extraordinary” launch in Israel.

Coca Cola's Name Campaign

Coca Cola’s Name Campaign

Stay Extraordinary campaign

Stay Extraordinary campaign

Variable Data Printing is also useful for product security and the emerging trend for companies and their shift towards traceability standards.
In a world where customization is everywhere, VDP is sure to become a widely used tool.
How can it help you?
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