Who needs Arizona?

Just because this year’s Dscoop (HP’s digital printing conference) took place in sunny, warm Phoenix Arizona, is by no means a reflection as to why we attended. As usual, there was a lot to see and hear about our industry. Key Note speakers like Billy Beane (Former Oakland A’s GM, made famous by Brad Pitt in the film “Money Ball”) spoke about looking at business in a completely unconventional way; Former Blue Angel pilot John Foley blew us away with his incredible life story and reminded us how powerfully shaping gratitude can be.
We were proud to be apart of the bike build for the boys and girls club of Phoenix, where we got to bond with some of our fellow printers from North America. (Shout out to the Total Graphics Peeps from B.C.)

We also got to view some pretty awesome advancements in the industry: Glow in the dark and neon inks… (yes, they even now have pink!) view the array of customization possibilities that come with Digital and admire how our industry is really shaping the future of print.

bike pic
Look! Neon Pink can be printed Digitally!








Again, just so we’re clear, we went for the good of our industry, to learn, to bond to grow… The very fact that we are cold, and sick of winter had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with it…


After all, who the heck needs sunshine?… And warmth? It’s called: LAY-ER-ING….

Palm trees are stupid.






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